Ocean City Jobs

10 Tips on Landing an OC Job

Ocean City is a great place to work, both for the summer and year round. A job at the beach is something you will always remember. To be one of the lucky ones that lands a beach job, be sure to make a great first impression.

Here is a list of tips to help get you hired:

  1. Like People - Ocean City is a tourist destination. Many people visit Ocean City each year. If you can't handle dealing with people and servicing guests, then you may want to reconsider a beach job.
  2. Be Professional - although this is the beach, be sure to put your best foot forward to show potential future employers that you are professional and will represent their business well.
  3. Be Early - Start your search early. There is tremendous demand for jobs at Ocean City's most popular businesses. Send your resume in February and call the place of business to speak with the human resource director. If you are early, ask them when you should call back, and then call back a week before then.
  4. Be Specific - If you want a particular job, then ask for it. Saying you will do "anything" may land you in a position you would rather not have.
  5. Be Pleasant & Sincere - Good people are hard to find. Look the interviewer in the eye and express your benefits directly and passionately. Most businesses will train good people. Be a good person and you will go far in landing your beach job and any other job in the future.
  6. Look In The Mirror - Be sure your appearance shows that you want a job. Comb your hair and dress nicely. This is the beach, but no swimsuits, flip flops and tank tops on interviews. Act and look like you want the job. A bad first impression may be impossible to overcome, no matter how qualified you are.
  7. Develop A Professional Resume - No matter the position for which you are applying, be sure to have a professional resume that introduces you to employers. Use spell check as well. Remember that you are battling many other people for the job. A resume shows you are prepared, take job seeking seriously and will help employers remember you and choose you.
  8. Keep Searching - If you didn't land the perfect job, then keep searching throughout the summer and you may find an upgrade when other people stop looking. Many people leave jobs and positions may open up. Your dream summer job could fall into your lap if you are just persistent.
  9. August Effect - many college students head back to college in August and often leave jobs a week or more before departing for school. Approach employers the first week or two in August and let them know you are available when everyone else leaves them. There is a huge demand for employees in late August without a large pool of people to fill the positions.
  10. Visit the Ocean City Chamber of Commerce's Job Fair in March of every year.

Bonus... THE BIG TIP
Work Year Round - This is the way to land the best summer jobs at the beach. The most popular businesses stay open all year (or at least most of the year). There is a shortage of quality year round staff in Ocean City. If you can commit to working year round, then you will have a huge advantage for getting the best shifts in the best businesses during the summer season.